Curving iron and stone II


Hotel Hannon, 1903 (fish eye)

Jules Brunfaut built this magnificent manor house for his childhood friend Édouard Hannon who lived there from 1904-1965 .  The building is now open to the public and shows experimental photography exhibitions.  The interior looks incredible from images I have seen online – unfortunately i didn’t get to go inside this time.

The interior parades vibrant mosaics, frescoes and stained glass windows. A mahogany spiral staircase with a wrought iron balustrade connects the floors in true Art Nouveau style.


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Adjoined to Hotel Hannon on Avenue Brugmann is Maison Les Hiboux, completed in 1899, by architect Édouard Pelseneer.1.IMG_5471.ds

The name of the building ‘Les Hiboux’ (Owls) sits between two stylised owls and floral motifs on stone above the entrance door. This type of scraffitto design and the organic shapes within the ironwork and window frames are typical of Art Nouveau.Building 6.3

The combination of different materials, colours and textures combined in an asymmetrical  layout create a very interesting building.  The rich red brick colours and white and blue stone work compliment the warm yellow and orange sgraffito paintings and the deep browns and greys of the wood and iron.

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